October Wrap-Up

Where has this year gone? Why does my total shock at the passing of time increase with age? When will I get a job that I keep for more than a week?

I have answers to none of these questions.

I do however, have a summary of the month’s events, in book form:

Where has this year gone? Why does my total shock at the passing of time increase with age? When will I get a job that I keep for more than a week?

I have answers to none of these questions.

I do however, have a summary of the month’s events, in book form:


This month I reviewed:

Lair of Dreams – Libbra Bray


Feelings: This didn’t quit live up to expectations. I think I loved the first book too much. I am hoping for more Evie in the next book.

Asking For It – Louise O’Neill


Feelings: An important and powerful book about rape culture and sexual consent. Everybody should read this.

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo


Feelings: I loved every second of it.

Is It Just Me? – Miranda Hart

is it just me

Feelings: One of my very favourite audiobooks for insomnia.

Dracula – Bram Stoker


Feelings: Stoker isn’t half as scared of vampires as he is female sexuality.

I also read:

Why Not Me? – Mindy Kaling

Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories – Angela Carter

Currently Reading:

Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

27. Loves a good story.

11 thoughts on “October Wrap-Up”

    1. Carry On is wonderful so far. It’s very recognisably Rainbow Rowell. I’m not very far in but all I want already is to be best friends with these characters. Also I can totally see myself falling in love with Baz.

      I loved Everything Everything. I will post a review soon. It’s a really wonderful exploration of mother/daughter relationships and the conflict that often arises with daughter’s first love. It’s also really interestingly put together, it’s a collection of prose, instant messages drawings and Tumblr posts. It sounds like it could be gimmicky but honestly it all blends together perfectly. I am definitely excited for whatever Nicola Yoon does next.


  1. Wow, sounds like a good month Lydia! Congrats!

    (Can you believe it’s already November? I swear it was just June??)
    I’ve seen Asking for It in the library but with my massive TBR, I didn’t think to pick it up. Now I wish I did! I read your review (which was amazing, by the way), so I’m really considering reading it! Though, I think I will have to mentally prepare myself before reading it. I love books that tackle social issues, but sometimes they affect me, emotionally, a lot.

    Also, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Six of Crows. I need to get on that hype train.


    1. Thank you! Asking for It is a very tough read. There’s a quote on my copy that says something like O’Neill ‘writes with a scalpel’, and that’s the most accurate description of reading the book I can think of. It’s one of those books where it’s good to have some processing time. Six of Crows would be a good thing to read after so you can feel like the world isn’t a terrible place again.

      It’s scares me so much that it’s November. I feel like I only just graduated, but it was in July! And I’m about to turn 23. Oh, god. Life is so scary. Plus we’re at that point in the year where people keep posting how few weekends there are before Christmas on Facebook. I don’t want to think about it yet!

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      1. I bet it would be! Heck, I wonder how I’ll fair. One of my Sociology classes was called ‘Social Futures’ and it was so desolate. It made me depressed for weeks (and I don’t say that too lightly)! He even made us watch THREADS. Ugh, I couldn’t sleep the whole night after. So maybe that course has hardened me up! But gosh, I bet it’ll find a way and hurt my heart anyway. ;____;

        Haha okay! I’ll remember that. I’ll have all snuggly puppies and cookies ready!

        ME TOO. I’m still waiting to hear from my program but nothing yet. (It has only been 4 days since the deadline but still!) AH ME TOO! We’re the same age! My birthday is in late December.

        Life is scary. And so uncertain? I don’t even know what I’ll be doing next year! Everything is up in the air right now. Sighhhh. 😦

        Also I found out one of my friends really wants to get married… which REALLLYYYY terrified me. Help Lydia, help. 😥


      2. I hope you hear from them soon! It must be so stressful. Oh god I remember back when I was applying to do my undergraduate I was checking my email constantly. This must be so much worse! I hope you have some good distraction activities lined up.

        It’s so uncertain! I feel exactly the same way. When I look forward to this time next year, I can’t picture anything. It’s very scary. Right now I can’t even hold down a job. I got this awful customer service position with the local council a few weeks ago where people just rang up to shout at me all day. I lasted a week. The day I left, I’d had this awful morning of people screaming and swearing at me and the woman on the desk next to mine said ‘the important thing to remember is that this wasn’t a bad day, this was a normal day.’

        I was like, not for meeeeeee! Now out of desperation I am looking at Christmas temp jobs in retail because ANYTHING is better than having mean people yell at me down the phone.

        The first wedding is terrifying. I can’t lie. But there are some bonus factors. Like you get to buy a really pretty outfit.

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      3. WELL, I have tried to not think about it by keeping busy. Though, checking my emails every day gives me enough heart palpitations to make up a good workout. D:

        Oh dear, I’m truly sorry you’re going through that. 😦 Job searching is SO trying, I felt so demoralized and jaded with every application (and also felt like my soul was being sucked dry).

        That sounds like a horrible, horrible job. To be honest, I think it’s better that you left early, rather than endure it. Jobs like that have no way of growing or moving upwards. I don’t think we should waste our youth on jobs like that, especially when we’re capable of better challenges.

        From the bottom of my heart, I hope you find a job soon! 😦

        HAHA that’s a positive I’ll look forward to! But ugh yeah it terrifies me. Next thing I’m going to be surrounded by babies.

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      4. I know that feeling so well. It is so easy for an inbox to become a terrifying thing!

        Thank you for saying that. I’m pretty lucky in that everyone around me was very supportive when I left. Finding something else is difficult. Job searching is the just the worst. I will report back when I eventually find something that isn’t terrible.

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      5. Thank you for understanding! No word yet too – I’ve been sneaking checks at work because I can’t bear the idea of coming home to an email AFTER work when I am exhausted and emotionally drained.

        YES PLEASE. I’d love to know if you do! We may become job-searching buds soon. If I don’t get into the program, I am finding a job. I’m feeling a mix of yaaaaaay and ughhhhhh about it, hahahaha!


  2. Great reading month, Lydia! What did you think of Everything, Everything? I read it a few months ago and really enjoyed it despite the instalove. And I really, really want to read Asking for It! I’ve been wanting to read it for a while now actually; I just never got the chance to pick it up when it was released.


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