Last week, I wrote about OTPs that I hate. I was in that sort of mood.

This week, I am going to write about the romantic pairings that have played a big part in making me the TV obsessive that I am.


Leslie and Ben – Parks and Recreation


When I started watching Parks and Rec (during the unfortunate Mark Brendanawicz phase), I was pretty sure it was impossible that they would ever produce a boyfriend for Leslie who could match her awesomeness in any way.

Then Ben showed up.

Leslie and Ben are such wonderful partners for each other. They respect each other’s talents and missions and even when they argue they still manage to be adorable.

TV is so full of fraught relationships, it’s rare and surprising to watch a couple who are simply best friends.

I love every moment of it.

Matt and Karen – Daredevil


Throughout season 1, no matter how much I liked them individually, I really struggled to get into this ship. Karen’s crush was entirely built on some notion of hero worship, and that’s a dynamic I’m just not into. Then she murdered someone and went all undercover journalist, and everything shifted.

Matt and Karen are basically the same person. They would realise this if they didn’t spend all of their time lying to each other. They both have seen the horrifying underbelly of the world, and no matter what they do to distract themselves (make out, usually), they can’t look away.

The sooner they start working together (and making out again, now the whole Elektra fiasco is (at least temporarily, by the looks of things) over and done with) the better.

Caroline and Klaus – The Vampire Diaries


They are my guilty pleasure ship.

But whatever. Klaroline were a beautiful moment in TVD history.

So, to get one thing straight, the whole good girl/bad boy thing is one that often makes me uncomfortable. It can become co-dependent and weird, and if you want an example, I need only point to Damon and Elena (love me or I’ll start murdering random strangers isn’t half as attractive as you might think, Damon).

What I loved about Klaus and Caroline is that they are both total alphas. At no point in time did Caroline’s life become consumed by Klaus. Rather than obsessing about him ( like Cami does, freaking constantly) she actually kept him at arms length most of the time.

They challenged each other’s world views through their differing stances on what it takes to feel powerful.

Plus Klaus saw Tyler off, a move that came as a huge relief to everyone.

Ultimately, I don’t know that I actually think that these two should be together. Caroline is a highly functioning lady with plans for her life, and I would hate for those to be derailed by Klaus’ never ending daddy issues. But hey, vampires lives a long time.

So I guess you never know.



Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

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7 thoughts on “My OTPs”

  1. I’m ashamed to say that I never got into Parks and Rec – I watched the first few episodes and dropped it because it just didn’t engage my attention enough! I’m keen to try again, though, especially as I heard that the latter seasons are much better (and that’s not usually a trend with sitcoms). Always great to see couples who are really partners and friends!


  2. yes klaus and caroline forever! (I stopped watching ages ago, but I still ship it) and I haven’t seen the new season of daredevil yet so I don’t know about that ship- cos I like you struggled with it in season 1


    1. Haha, I can understand why you would stop watching TVD. There are so many episodes now that just make me angry!

      Oooh watch season 2! I liked it so much better overall. I still find Matt SO frustrating but I felt like the other characters make up for him a bit this time around.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah- it really did- it pretty much turned into “so-and-so’s dead, now so-and-so’s alive, now so-and-so’s dead again- oh look damon and elena!” I got so bored of it.
        I’m so excited about it- and I’m definitely gonna- I just feel like it’s the kind of show to binge so I’m waiting till I have more time 🙂 That’s good!

        Liked by 1 person

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