How To Cure Book Review Block

Shake the book angrily. Maybe the right words will fall from the pages and into your head.

Read articles about the sexist media portrayal of Taylor Swift

At the heart of the coverage of Tay-Tay/Hiddleswift are themes as old as the Bible: suspicion of successful women, resentment of unapologetic women, a need for women to know their place.’

Feel outraged on Taylor Swift’s behalf.

Wonder why your feminist self can’t get excited about the new, female prime minster. Remember that she is unelected and serves a party that is destroying the country and killing poor people. Ignore lingering sense of concern at total lack of good feminist feelings.

Get really excited when books arrive in the post.


Type and delete at least ten paragraphs.

Look up recipes for overnight oats.

Lament that you can’t have overnight oats right now.

Just write the bloody thing.

Hate every word that you’ve written.

Wonder whether how much you struggled to find something to say about the book is a reflection of the book, or your shitty writing.

Go for a lie down.





Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

27. Loves a good story.

3 thoughts on “How To Cure Book Review Block”

  1. “Wonder whether how much you struggled to find something to say about the book is a reflection of the book, or your shitty writing.”

    I’ve felt this in particular, so many times. I usually blame myself because I hate my writing 😦 It come to me so slowly and painfully.
    Next time I have book review block, which is often, I’ll be sure to read articles about sexist media portrayals of Taylro Switf. Thanks for the tip. 😉


    1. It comforts me that other people feel that way you. You have nothing to worry about though, your writing is awesome.

      It’s weird how with some books it’s that much harder than others. I struggle more when I’ve really loved something in general. I have trouble getting across exactly what it meant to me.

      Taylor Swift think pieces are the way forward in any stressful situation.


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