Dumb Things Bookworms Do

Make piles of books that will surely one day fall and kill us.

There is no way this WON’T end badly for me, but I refuse to do anything about it.

Buy the more expensive copy because US covers are so much nicer than UK ones.

Hold onto copies of hated classics in case one day we reread them and get what everybody else is talking about.

Yell at each other on Twitter.

Fall in love with very unsuitable people because they read.


Hoard stationary we never use (you know you do this).

Own six months’ worth of Book Depository bookmarks because one day we will colour them in.

Pretend certain YA relationship dynamics aren’t making us feel super awkward.

Feel a weird bond with celebrities who #bookstagram.

Hoard books like trophies.

Read too many series at once until you can’t remember which villain did what injustice. (do we hate him or want to sleep with him? We don’t rememeber! The struggle is real).

Suffer severe disconnection with reality.

Spend hours on Pinterest looking at ‘reading nooks’.

Try to choose a library book with a limited time frame. Panic. Leave with nothing.

Experience a strong desire to threaten family members with physical violence when they interrupt your reading time.

Spend the day following finishing a series finale crying in bed like somebody died.


Read books we know will leave us heartbroken … *whispers* A Monster Calls …

Care about stories more than almost anything else.




Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

27. Loves a good story.

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