March favourites

March: two lots of snow, endless rain and the occasional glimpse of sunlight. I am so ready for spring. Despite the weather, it’s been quite a good life month. The company I’ve been writing for the past year have extended my contract yet again, leaving me free of career panic until the autumn. It’s funny to think that this time last year I was in a constant state of anxiety about having zero life direction, but now that I do, and not only that but am actually earning money doing the thing I ultimately want to spend my life doing,  I live in constant fear of it all going away. This adulthood thing never lets up.

This is why we have books and Netflix. Speaking of, without further ado, here are my favourites for March:

TV: Jessica Jones & Sneaky Pete

Come on! There was no way I could choose only one. I adored both of these shows from their premieres and having them both return in the same month was the best kind of televisual gift.

jessica jones

JJ thoughts: Why do I love you so much when all you ever do is hurt me?

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete thoughts: I am so ready for some kind of Marius and Julia heist situation. Also real Pete is such a gem he almost (*almost*) made up for the lack of Eddie in season 2.

Podcast: The 50th episode of The Bright Sessions

the bright sessions

The Bright Sessions, for the uninitiated, is a wonderful fictional podcast by Lauren Shippen about people with supernatural abilities in therapy. It’s very much the Buffy the Vampire Slayer of podcasts – a tense and dramatic supernatural show that is actually a heart-rending examination of fucked up people and their messy lives. I adore it, and for their fiftieth run, in true Buffy style, they did a musical episode. At the start, I was smiling in the uniquely joyful way you do when your faves burst into song unexpectedly, by the end I was a tearful, emotional mess. This weird little show packs a serious emotional punch, and I will be very sad when it ends later this year.

Random stuff: The Bleed

the bleed

I used to be a huge fan of the Lenny Letter. When it first came out it felt like it was addressing this huge gap in my reading life, as well as showing me a model of what I could achieve with my own writing if I really put my mind to it. Though Lena Dunham is a controversial figure and has frequently been wrong, even as I was irked by her, I stuck with the newsletter, because I thought what it was doing was of value. But after how she and Jenni Konner responded to Aurrora Perrineu’s allegation of sexual assault against their friend Murray Miller, I was out. Both Dunham and Konner betrayed everything they ever stood for – and I just didn’t feel right supporting their work after that. But I missed Lenny, and wanted an injection of women-centred journalism coming in my inbox on the reg. Enter The Bleed, the Call Your Girlfriend podcast newsletter. Every month, Aminatou, Ann and Gina post a list of the articles they loved from the month, and it is informative and fantastic and has somewhat plugged the hole left behind by Lenny – though if you have further suggestions of high quality feminist content online please throw them my way.

Special mention: Mike Coulter’s Instagram account

He is an adorable man and I love having him in my feed.

Did you have a fun March? Any faves I should know about?


Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

27. Loves a good story.

13 thoughts on “March favourites”

  1. Oh congratulations on your contract, I’m thrilled you will be able to keep on doing what you enjoy for a little while. Adulting is crazy, isn’t it – but I’m happy to see that you found something you really love doing 🙂 x

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  2. Hourray for contract extensions! I would have been crazy stressed out myself if my contract was close to the end. We sure do depend a lot on our jobs to live.. and enjoy Netflix. 😀 Hell ye for JJ S2! I saw Sneaky Pete among my recommendations but haven’t tried it out yet. It does sound good though. I did recently complete season 2 of Fargo though. Pretty good stuff. Wish Netflix had added S3 of it already! Hope April proves to be stress-free and fun. 😉

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    1. Thanks! Omg I have been so waking up in the middle of the night sweating stressed about – the relief is amazing.

      JJs2 was so good. I like how they totally flipped the format for season 2, from one Big Bad to much more of grey area kind of situation. I tried so hard not to hate Trish but by the end I was out of excuses for her! I have no idea if there is a way back for her and Jess but I am certainly excited for season 3.

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  3. First of all, congrats on getting the contract extended! I know firsthand what it’s like to live in anxiety because your life feels so incredibly unstable and uncertain so I can definitely relate to your feelings. It’s nice when little things like keeping a job can help with our mental health and give us hope for better days 🙂
    I wasn’t aware of any of these so thanks for sharing! I definitely have to check them out.

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    1. Thank you! Ugh, it’s the worst isn’t it? Even now I find myself looking at job openings just to stress myself out. It took me so long to get a job in the area I wanted, the idea of having the get another one when this ends just exhausts me!

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  4. Congrats on the extension Lydia! I’m so scared of adulting but hearing about your own experiences has really led me to be more confident in my decisions. 🙂

    I haven’t watched Jessica Jones but I’m pretty sure I’d love it if I ever get the chance. AND OMG, I love the Instagram photo! Haha that is just the cutest thing ever ❤ Hope you have a wonderful April! (and omg, how was I not following the blog before?? Fixed!)

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    1. Aww, Aila! That’s so sweet of you to say! Thank you. And thanks for following 🙂

      Oh my god, one day when you’re having time off from college you are going to have the best JJ binge watch. I think you’ll really enjoy it.


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