May favourites

Hey June! Nice to see ya.

I am very excited by the prospect of summer. Every year I have this whole list in my head of things I want to do that I inevitably fail to achieve. I feel good about summer 2018 though. I’ve made a solid start. Tomorrow I’m going for a walk with some llamas (for an article I’m writing for work, but I’m very much looking forward to it anyway) and I’m also looking into renting a kayak.

It’s weird, but as an adult I have become somewhat outdoorsy.

In terms of media I consumed in May, I wasn’t overly thrilled by anything. I finished Scandal just because I felt I needed to but wasn’t impressed, as I haven’t been for many seasons now. I keep watching iZombie even though it’s just so bad. What is with that ‘french’ guy? And more importantly, why? I was so excited when Agents of Shield finally started back up again in the UK, but some Instagram spoilers of the season finale have made me lose enthusiasm because I know all I’m heading toward is pain.

But that said, there were a few gems in the slush pile.

TV: Barry


I love everything about this show. I have long-held affection for the comedy hitman (really ever since I first saw Gross Pointe Blank when I was like 12) and Barry is a truly impressive take on this well-trodden ground with one of the strongest casts I have seen in a while. Everyone is so. Fucking. Good.

Podcasts: Sandra


I devoured this fictional series in only a couple of days. Voiced primarily by Alia Shawkat, who continues to be one of my favourite actors at the moment (with the exception of new Arrested Development, which I don’t wish to discuss) it establishes a world in which every household has a Sandra, an Amazon Alexa-like device that is powered by real people rather than the internet. Desperate to change her life, Helen (Shawkat) gets way too involved with a Sandra user, with menacing consequences. It’s the exact mix of weird, funny and sad that I enjoy so much.

Other things: Neal Brennan: 3 Mics

neal brennan

I have mixed feelings about having this in my favourites, but it’s probably the most impactful thing I’ve watched this month so here we are. What is so remarkable about this stand up special is the format. Brennan uses, as the name implies, 3 mics: one for one liners, one for stand up and one for ‘emotion’. He would cycle between jokes (some of which I liked, some of which I was less crazy about. As soon as a guy starts on ‘women do [insert stereotype here]’ my eyes immediately roll, but a lot of his jokes were funny) then the lights would go down and he would move to the ‘emotion’ mic. He told stories about failed relationships, his depression and his family sparing no painful detail – he’d get a couple laughs while doing it, but it wasn’t about that. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me at least, there is something deeply comforting about people who have the ability to hold their pain in their hands and offer it out to everybody so we all feel a little bit less alone. And to do that and then seamlessly step into making jokes about doing the reverse cowgirl? That’s impressive.

Instagram: @bookishbronte

I’ve recently discovered the wealth of beautifully artistic Instagram accounts that exist. This is one of my current favourites.

How was your June? Any favourites you think I should check out?


Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

27. Loves a good story.

8 thoughts on “May favourites”

  1. Going for walk… with a llama? For work? That sounds completely unique and also like the best thing ever? 😆 That’s amazing! As a student, May was the most stressful month of my life from studying nonstop for finals, but now that’s over and my summer break has finally started! 🎉 I’m actually planning on starting the WTF podcast that you recommended, but I’ve found two different ones on the Podcast app? Is it the one with Marc Maron or Caroline Cranshaw?

    Hope you have an amazing June! 😋

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  2. Hope you do get the opportunity to complete everything on your list for this summer. I totally feel you on the struggle to achieve them in the past. Time seems to go twice as fast during that time of the year.

    Oh man, I got to give you a standing ovation for completing Scandal. I had to stop around the season after Papa Pope was introduced. The season where he first arrived was definitely the best of Scandal, and everything after that went downhill super quick. The show wasn’t even about politics anymore hahahah

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    1. Oh Papa Pope. All those speeches he gave. Did you reach when Mama Pope showed back up again? It was… something. I think the main problem with Scandal is that they had like 3 bad guys and they just alternated between them every season, then redeemed them, then made them evil again when it was plot appropriate (or not, honestly).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep.. Saw Mama Pope. Olivia sure had the peculiar combo as parents hahahah I did see that the show did a crossover with How to get Away with Murder, but man, even the last season of that show started to annoy me with its political agenda… 😦 Might check it out once it comes out on Netflix some day though.


  3. Oh it sounds like work is being fun – a walk with llamas? That’s so very cool – I hope you had tons of fun. I always feel like summertime goes by way too quickly, hopefully this year it will slow down a little bit for us to have the time to actually enjoy it 🙂
    I hope you’re having a wonderful June so far! x


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