July favourites

There goes another month. How has everyone’s summer been so far? Are you wearing sunscreen? I hope you’re wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen is important.

I don’t have much in the way of favourites at the moment. I’ve either been working or at the beach – it has been consistently sunny in England for several weeks now and people are starting to lose their shit.

Unless you’re a farmer, I think the sun is a strange thing to complain about seeing as it rains 90% of the time.

Anyway, on to this month’s faves (discussing the weather isn’t one of them):

Our Tiny Bees Vanilla and Honey Body Scrub

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetSo I know this is pretty far off normal topic but I recently started regularly using a body scrub and lemmie tell you: it is a game changer. The lovely one I use functions as both exfoliator and moisturiser leaving your skin feeling smooth and gorgeous and it smells great. Obviously be careful what brand you’re using – you don’t want to be sending anything awful down the drain. I would recommend going for something with more natural ingredients so you can be totally sure you’re avoiding any harmful plastic microbeads. This one, for example, is mostly made of sugar. So good.

The Skincare Bible: Your no-nonsense guide to great skin by Dr Anjali Mahto

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI purchased this to keep me entertained on the long drive back from holiday last month and it exceeded my expectations entirely. Dr Anjali is just that – a doctor and trustworthy source  – and is all about debunking marketing myths and skincare fads (layering, anyone?) to help you find a routine that works for your skin – without spending thousands in the process. It’s a super informative read (did you know you should still wear sunscreen if you’re inside all day because the rays can still get to you behind glass?!) that avoids market-speak and jargon and left me feeling like I have a much better idea of what I should be doing for my skin going forward.

Podcast: Gossip

GossipI’ve been feeling a bit fatigued by my serial podcasts lately (does anyone else feel like the last season of The Bright Sessions lost its way? I sort of feel the same about Alice Isn’t Dead, as much as I don’t want to) so I was thrilled when I came across Gossip. Written by the brilliant Allison Raskin it spans the regular lunch dates of three friends who get together and gossip – about their neighbours’ polyamory, that time the mayor may have punched a florist in the face, but most importantly, whether or not the local priest is a serial murderer. Her friends think she’s mad but Bethany just can’t let it go…

What were some of your favourites this month? Any podcasts I should check out? I’m particularly interested in serialised stories like Gossip at the moment.

Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

27. Loves a good story.

13 thoughts on “July favourites”

  1. OH I had no idea about sunscreen inside that’s so good to know! I haven’t been listening to podcasts a lot lately, but I really want to give that one a try, it sounds like a lot of fun 🙂
    I hope you will have a lovely August! ❤ ❤

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  2. Does the body scrub work well with guys too??? Just kidding hahah July sure did pass by fast. And that’s no good thing. Summer is getting closer to its end! Hope August will have wonderful surprises for you. 😉 Stay frosty!

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    1. Oh the body scrub is for everyone 😉

      Ugh, I know. England has reverted to its usually rainy state already. I actually love autumn but I would like for the summer to be a couple months longer…

      I hope you have a lovely August too!

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  3. Ooh I’m intrigued about the skincare bible! The cover is so pretty and eye-catching, and I really do need to take better care of my skin, haha.

    Curious about the body scrub you got, too. The current one I’m using was a rec from Lush but I’m running out, and honestly I need to put more research into these. For sure, something that’s environmentally friendly bc a lot of my friends have been warning me about the chemicals that the beads may have.

    Hope you have an amazing August! ❤

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    1. The microbeads thing is kind of a nightmare honestly. They’re actually banning them here in the UK from I think next year which will make it a lot easier, but sometimes even products that appear natural are actually causing problems. I would think Lush are a pretty trustworthy source though, they are very on it with the environmental side of things.


  4. Oh God I need to try these, they sound splendid *_* I love more natural alternatives as well. I’ve been shopping at Lush quite a lot but I’m always open to suggestions.
    However, I have yet to find a great sunscreen? They’re either greasy or pasty white… What would you recommend to me, oh holy one? I’m honestly desperate T_T

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    1. Oh finding a sunscreen is hard! I’m afraid my recommendations are probably not ideal. I have really sensitive skin and even most sunscreens cause me problems, so I’ve actually been using children’s ones (totally by accident found out they work for me!). They are still v greasy though so it’s not great – though weirdly they are blue rather than white? Apparently this makes them more child-friendly or something. It’s a Nivea children’s one if you wanted to give it a go.

      Love Lush!

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      1. Ah that makes total sense actually! Kids’ skin is just really pristine and sensitive.
        I have really sensitive skin as well, and while I don’t exactly burn I’ve had issues with breakouts from greasy and pore clogging sunscreens on my face 😦 (They usually make me glow like a lamplight too)
        So yeah, still looking for the one! But definitely will look into the kids’ section, you never know 🙂 Thanks for the tip ❤


  5. Sunscreen is definitely important for me during the summer, seeing that I spend two months in all-tropical places for the duration of my summer vacation 😊 And the Gossip podcast sounds really interesting! Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer and a wonderful month of August! 😋

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