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I never do these! But Wendy tagged me (thank you!) AND I secretly love talking about myself (in writing. If you meet me IRL and ask me any questions about myself I’ll turn red and mumble something at you about the continuing question of my life trajectory and secretly resent the heck out of you before asking you many questions about yourself so as to divert the conversation entirely away from the subject of me) so let’s DO IT.


  1. Credit the original creator, whatthelog
  2. Answer the questions!
  3. Tag as many or as few people as you like

Why did you create your blog?
‘Twas the summer of 2015 and I was about to graduate university (I had a heart attack when I realised how long ago I graduated. I have been out of university as long as I was in it. WHAT IS LIFE AND WHY DOES IT GO SO FAST?!) where I had been studying English Literature and Creative Writing. In the absence of any life plans, direction or focus I thought hey, I’ll blog about books.

(I feel like I should mention that life plans, direction and focus are things I now have on an intermittent basis. If you’re worried about that right now – I promise, one day you will have those things. And on that day you’ll realise you now have a whole new list of things to feel anxiety about. Sorry about that.)

When did you first start your blog?
I could look to confirm this but I’m fairly sure it was around May 2015. I remember sitting in my house in Norwich in the last few weeks before I moved out and writing a review for I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson.

Have you had any significant design or name changes?
Nah. I am no longer 22 – and perhaps including my age in my blog title was a little short sighted, but I cannot emphasise enough how at the time I started this blog I had no plans or ideas about my future whatsoever – but I still like my blog’s name. And as for design… I am bad at that. Making and uploading that fucking banner took me so long that I can assure you it will remain forever.

What has been the biggest change to your blog’s content?
When I first started writing I had pretty strict rules for myself about posting at least three times a week. These days I post once a week, if at all. The reason for this was partly quality and partly laziness. I am a writer by trade and churning out content for the sake of content made me feel bad about myself. I also, to be totally honest, just don’t read enough to post more than one review per week.
Also, I’m lazy. That’s the main reason but those other ones sound better.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your blogging journey?
Oooh I love this question! I mean obviously I have to mention Marie. Her hard work and dedication to blogging constantly inspires me to keep working on this even on weeks I really don’t feel like it. Also CW – her reviews are so well written, analytical and beautifully expressed.
Whenever I am tempted to upload something I’m not totally proud of/not upload anything at all, I think of them and keep working.

If before you started you could look at your blog now, what would surprise you the most?
That I’m still writing it! In the past I haven’t been so good at sticking to things. While there have certainly been times when I’ve gone on the odd unexpected hiatus, overall I’ve written fairly consistently for the past almost four years.
I think it would also come as a shock to 22-year-old me that I’m not primarily reading YA any more. I still LOVE it, but I increasingly reach for books more marketed toward my own age group. My love of memoir and the influence of things like the Belletrist book club have meant that my reading taste has expanded considerably.

What personal milestone have you hit that makes you the proudest?
For me it’s really any time someone praises my writing. Ultimately that’s my thing so whenever I hear I’ve done that right it feels like winning.

What do you see next for your blog?
I… really don’t know. My life is changing pretty significantly within the next couple of months. I’ve got a new – albeit temporary – job that is going to demand a lot from me. I have to move to a new city all my own – also potentially temporarily, though I guess it depends on what happens when I get there.
My plan is to try and keep this thing going despite the fact I’m going to have a lot on.
As usual I have no clue what is happening in my life beyond the next few months. I am gradually learning to roll with it – or, at least, deal with the intense anxiety that comes with all this rolling.

I am tagging (if you fancy it)
CW @ The Quiet Pond
Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books 
Tanaz @ The Keysmash Blog 



Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

27. Loves a good story.

16 thoughts on “The blog glo-up tag”

    1. Oh, I know! It is really hard to see people walk away. Sometimes when people I’ve been following since I started decide to bring their blog to an end it does leave me questioning why I still do it – but ultimately I’m going to be here for as long as I enjoy it.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I am honored that you thought of mentioning me here, really this means so, so much, thank you, this made my entire weekend better, thank you ❤ ❤
    I'm with you about when someone praises my writing, honestly this makes me so happy when someone appreciates something that I wrote on my tiny corner of the internet ❤
    I wish you the best of luck for the moving and the new job! Sure you'll do fantastic!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I’m so glad! I meant every word. I love what you’ve created with your blog, and it really inspires me to keep working on this. Your reviews are some of my favourites ❤

      Thank you! I hope so. It's weird because it's not starting until June so I'm sort of in limbo right now, but I'm trying to enjoy the quiet time because once I get started I think life is going to be very busy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow, this means so, so, SO much, thank you ❤ ❤ ❤
        Oh I get that, this in-between time is always a little weird, but… at least it's some time for yourself to relax and to enjoy before everything starts, too 🙂


  2. It’s really interesting to see how we bloggers all kind of had the same “plans” (read: non-plans xD) at the start and also the same motivations. It’s easier to relate to everyone that way and realise how we’re all just so similar, so you don’t feel as alone and depressed about your epic fails.
    I feel the same way about posting more often as opposed to less frequently – if quality is compromised, then I’ll go with the latter. Sometimes I have to admit I just think up something on the spot and post it because I spent all week not writing anything and suddenly it hits me that I should kind of post something xD (sometimes a month has gone by and I’m just like “where has the time gone??”)
    Anyway, just to say that I hope you don’t feel like you’re the awkward one out. I, too, am terrible at keeping a clean layout and having a schedule hahaha (and most bloggers are) Which is why this post was so magnificent! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know – I often think that! It is definitely comforting to talk about all of the ways we don’t live up to our (usually unrealistic!) expectations of ourselves. For me it’s just gotten a lot easier to let go of as I’ve gone on!

      Oh I for sure post things on the spot when I need to as well. If I feel like I have to post something but I’m not up to a review for time/I need a break reasons then I usually post something like ‘7 quotes from….’ haha. Sometime it has to be done. I also really like doing monthly favourites for this – it’s a nice way to write a post but not have to go into too much analytical detail about why you enjoy something.

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      1. Yeah and in the end, sometimes the posts you work least on / do in a hurry are the ones that readers like best! Which is both frustrating and hilarious xD
        Sometimes you work so hard on a post that will have no attention whatsoever and then the worst piece of **** you can think of gets all the likes LOL
        Something that keeps me thinking sometimes, and also helps me let go of the constant need for perfection 🙂


    1. It is literally terrifying! I cannot get my head around the fact I’ve now almost be out of university as long as I was in it. How?!

      That’s so funny that we started around the same time! I didn’t realise that.


  3. It’s really cool that you maintained this blog despite everything life throws at you and even more impressive that you want to keep up with everything you currently do while taking on a new city/job now! I’m definitely envious in your determination and do hope that things will go just right for you in the next months, Lydia! 😀

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