March favourites

March has been kind of crazy month for me! I (finally) got a new job. It’s temporary again, and involves moving to a new city which is very nerve-wracking, but I’m excited. Truth be told, I need a change and I think some time in a new city – however long it ends up lasting – will do me good.

To listen: The High Low

The High Low

I recently read Everything I Know About Love (review here) by Dolly Alderton and absolutely adored it. When I mentioned the book to a friend, she said “I think she has a podcast” and so obviously I downloaded it immediately. The High Low is the weekly pop culture/news podcast I didn’t know I needed. Hosted by Alderton and Pandora Skyes, together they discuss the news, books, television and podcasts you need in your life. It’s most of what I care about distilled into around and hour and a half and I love it.

To watch: Jameela Jamil and Sam Smith talk about body confidence

I have been a fan of Jameela Jamil for a while. As someone from the UK, I knew she existed before The Good Place and used to absolutely love her column in Cosmopolitan. I think her I Weigh body positivity project is really wonderful, and it has inspired me to think critically about my Instagram habits and start unfollowing people who make me feel bad about myself. I Weigh is gradually expanding, and its latest iteration is a YouTube channel where Jamil interviews people (so far it’s just Sam Smith but I think there are more planned) about body confidence and the impact diet culture has had on their lives. This conversation with Sam Smith… is, well. It’s a lot. You might have a little weep. It is such an honest, vulnerable conversation about the false equivalence of thinness and happiness, the grim reality of fame and the necessity of vulnerability – especially in the world of the Instagram highlight reel.

To watch: Fleabag (BBC, Amazon Prime)


I only started watching Fleabag a few weeks ago, and to be honest, it has kind of taken over my life. This tragicomedy about sorrow, loneliness and attempting personal growth  is a work of actual genius. In any half hour episode the star and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge will have you laughing, crying and staring dumbly in open-mouthed wonder as she articulates the world in all its awful glory. This is the only show I’ve ever watched where, when an episode ends I immediately go back to the beginning and watch it all over again.

Also she has, from where I can see, pretty much the entire UK wanting to fuck a priest (played to PERFECTION by Andrew Scott) right now – which, given how little else we can agree on, is no small thing.

To read: “Nobody Shows”

This is heart-breaking. Also you should read it.

To use: The Body Shop Vitamin-E Eye Cream

What does that post-it say? You’ll never know… mwahahaha

In the last year I’ve had to have a couple of facials so I could write about them for work (I know. My life is hard.) and two of the facialists I’ve seen have told me that my under-eye area is very dry. Eye cream is one of those things I always considered a beauty industry scam to get you to buy more products (looking at you “double cleansing”) but I actually do think this stuff is having a positive impact on my face! I mean, the best solution would be sleep but who has time for that. Also using it makes me feel like a fancy lady with a proper skincare routine, which I am very much enjoying.


Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

27. Loves a good story.

10 thoughts on “March favourites”

    1. It is really worth a watch. They’re both so honest about their experiences, particularly through the lens of fame and the stories that are told about famous people (mostly according to their physical appearance).

      Jameela is amazing ❤ I looove what she is doing with I Weigh

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  1. Wonderful post, Lydia! That Sam Smith and Jameela Jamil conversation was absolutely beautiful, and something that resonates with me a lot. Fleabag looks awesome. 👀 I’m excited to hear it’s a tragicomedy; I don’t think anybody does comedy quite like the British. I’m going to have to check it out, for sure.

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    1. Right? I was so not expecting it. How they spoke out fame hit me particularly hard – especially when Sam Smith said given his time again he wouldn’t want any of it. They are just so open and vulnerable. I had a little weep watching it, to be honest!

      Fleabag is SO GOOD. Have you watched Killing Eve at all? It’s written by the same lady but I think outside of the UK a lot of people don’t realise that. It’s a very different show but has some of similar things – basically rage, which Phoebe Waller-Bridge has spoken about at length at this point.

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      1. Oh, I loooove Killing Eve! The show went under the radar in the US a lot; nobody knew it existed. I probably wouldn’t have either had I not been such a huge fan of Sandra Oh’s work. So excited for the second season. I’ll definitely have to check out Fleabag then if it’s written by the same person!

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    1. Thank you!

      Jamil is doing some great work. I do worry about her a bit though – she’s started annoying the Kardashian’s enough that they’ve felt the need to put out responses to her and I don’t want her to get burned out by all the shit she must get for what she says. We need her too much!


  2. Got to admit that Sam Smith’s body transformation was a crazy and unexpected surprise. When he appeared at the Grammy’s or something to sing a song, I wasn’t sure if it was him anymore. 😮 I was super impressed, that’s for sure! I’ve also heard of this Jamil lady and it sounds like she has great advice and projects to share with the world! Again, I do hope the months to come will be kind to you, Lydia!

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