April favourites

About an hour after I wrote the below I went down with the most awful norovirus I have ever had. I’ve been in bed for 2 days. Yesterday I watched 9 hours of Mad Men. That is too much Mad Men. I don’t even like that show.

We are on day 3. I plan to get out of bed at some point today. But first I’m posting this because rain or shine I am determined to stick to my weekly schedule goddamnit!

To visit: The Eden Project

Based in Cornwall, England, this impressive botanical project opened in the late 1990s. I visited when I was a kid but hadn’t been back since, so when my bestie and I were planning a trip out recently we decided to head down there are check it out. Two enormous domes – biomes, as they’re known – house a wide range of plant and animal life. You’ve got the Mediterranean biome – the smaller of the two, this one is comfortable to walk around in, packed with birds and bright flowers and a cute little pizza place I’d recommend for some lunch. There are a whole of bunch of food options at TEP, but we thought this was by far the nicest one. After you’ve eaten your pizza, have a wander and make sure to check out the tulips in the spring – they’re truly gorgeous – and the weird Bacchanalian sculptures for The Secret History vibes.

After that you head into the rainforest biome, and, as much as I loved hanging out in the Mediterranean, this was really the highlight of the day for me. Hot, sticky and humid as hell, regardless of the weather come with the knowledge that whatever you’re wearing, after you’ve spent about 15 minutes in here you’re going to want to take it off.

(Also, just give up on your hair for the day.)

Packed with beautiful rainforest plants including bananas, cacao trees and the orchid pergola, which houses over 500 different species, make sure to also watch out for the birds, lizards and beetles that call this biome home. Despite the heat, which the higher you climb does become quite extreme, we spent more than an hour inside the rainforest biome. It’s full of fascinating facts about the impact loss of the rainforest is having on the planet in addition to a beautiful but utterly devastating exhibition of photography of native people – who the TEP describe as natural environmentalists – and how climate change and deforestation has destroyed their way of living in so many places.

And the biomes are really just half of your day. Beautiful gardens, fascinating exhibitions and a massive play area for the kids in addition to activities like zip lining (super expensive but looks SO FUN) mean you can comfortably spend the entire day here – and at £25 for entry, you’re going to want to!

To watch: Barry (HBO/NowTV)


This weird show about a depressed hitman turned actor is dark, menacing, depressing and very very funny. A lot of shows boast a ‘morally grey’ leading man, but Bill Hader’s fantastic turn as Barry is one of the only lovable murderers on TV I have genuinely complicated feelings about, owing to an awful/brilliant twist at the end of the first season. Watch it nooooowww.

To listen: Mitski

I have commitment issues, but with this girl I’m in it for the long haul. Mitski isn’t new to me but she is the only artist I can think of where every time I hear a song I get lost in her albums for days.

Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

27. Loves a good story.

11 thoughts on “April favourites”

  1. Ohhh nooo I hope you get better real soon and that you finally get the chance to get out of bed! Love the pictures you’ve shared on the Gram as well. We have a similar kind of place here that I’ve visited here and then throughout my childhood and it is quite impressive what nature is capable of.

    I honestly thought you meant that Netflix show on the young Barack Obama when you mentioned Barry hahah I’ll have to look into this one now!

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  2. I hope you’re all recovered now, Lydia! I also love that you watched so much Mad Men without actually liking Mad Men XD
    I’ve never been to the Eden Project but I plan to go soon… It sounds amazing! And yeah, I’ll mentally prepare myself for my awful hair day experience hahaha
    Never watched Barry and didn’t know about Mitski but of course now I have to check them out! It’s hard to find that one artist you can listen to nonstop without getting bored :/

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    1. I’m feeling much better now thank you! It took a few days. I have bad news though – I am now sadly fully locked in with Mad Men, though I continue to deeply resent it. Apart from Peggy and Joan. I love them.

      The Eden Project is definitely worth a visit! I wasn’t sure how much there was going to be but we could have spent longer there honestly. I want to go back and try the zip lining.

      Please do! I ADORE Mitski and I’ve been gradually working my way back through her albums for the last year. She writes a lot about feeling lonely and isolated in a way that just really appeals to me. She supported Lorde on part of her Melodrama tour I believe so if you like Lorde there’s a fair chance you’ll be into Mitski.


      1. Good to hear! ❤ Hahaha oh noooo xD I never got into Mad Men but I was always a bit curious… Guess I need to wait for the first time I fall ill again! *knocks on wood*

        I'll probably skip the zip line as I'm terrified of heights but everything else sounds amazing!

        I did like the old Lorde but I haven't listened to her new stuff all that much, and the ones I listened to didn't sound too appealing? Just very poppy and synth, which is basically what everyone is doing nowadays. I might try again before I can judge her too harshy.

        Mitski does sound so heartbreakingly honest and raw, I'm definitely getting into her! I was actually watching a movie the other day where Your Best American Girl was playing and LOVED it but had no idea it was her! It just hit me right in the feels, man.

        So yeah, I think I'll very much enjoy her music – thanks so much for the rec, Lydia ^^

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  3. That rainforest sounds like a great experience even though it’s not all that comfortable hehe 9 hours of Mad Men all in one day? I have been watching The 100. I think I’m on Season 3 now. I do get headaches watching 5-6 episodes a day so I started reading more yesterday and take a break from watching 😁


  4. Oooof sorry to hear about the norovirus, wishing you a speedy recovery! ❤

    The Eden Project is gorgeous, I've heard of it of course but I've only ever seen those aerial shots that make it look like some sort of alien beehive. Definitely going to put it on my UK list of places I want to visit! 🙂

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