12 Days of Christmas: Days 7,8 and 9

There is a chance that Christmas is messing with my blogging schedule.

There are just so many movies to watch, you know?

By ‘movies’, I mostly mean Bridget Jones, over and over again.




Share a Christmas picture…


Because this is when my mum and I ignore the modern world and watch only Audrey Hepburn movies.

Share a local Christmas tradition in your local town or country…

The carol concerts I already talked about pretty much cover this question.

So instead of talking about dodgy organ playing and other such uninteresting Christmas traditions, I am going to talk about November 5th.

November 5th, a day on which, in a town not far from mine, local residents set flaming tar barrels on fire and run up and down the streets with them held on their backs. Audience members gather to watch the spectacle and also run away from it, when a flaming barrel slips from a participant’s shoulders and rolls alarmingly toward them.


Also, everybody is very drunk.


Who will be sitting with you for this Christmas dinner?

It was myself, my mum and my brother. We have been given more chocolate than three people can realistically consume, but we are doing our best.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas.



12 Days of Christmas: Days 4&5


What is on your personal wish list this year?

What I would really like is some direction in life.

Failing that, books please.

Share a fond childhood Christmas memory…

My mum’s ex boyfriend’s crazy Irish father used to take cracker jokes seriously.  By this I mean that they would take up pretty much the whole of Christmas dinner. We would each have to read our cracker joke and then wait while everyone else at the table was forced to try and guess the answer. If you attempted to have another conversation during the guessing of the cracker jokes, he would yell at you.

He also had this terrifying claw hand. He chopped the end of his index finger off in some accident or other. I guess it must have been just below his cuticle, because this claw-like spike of nail grew out the end of his finger stump. It was pretty much as gross as you’re imagining.

12 Days of Christmas: Days 3&4


Your favourite Christmas recipe or food…

You know the no tradition tradition thing I mentioned? It applies to food too. We’re a family of vegetarians who don’t necessarily want to eat nut roast every year, so it varies. Also, honestly, neither me or my mum are interested in spending the entire day cooking, so we often snack through the day and eat a main meal in the evening.

For the past few months, I have been trying to significantly cut down the amount of dairy and gluten in my diet for a whole bunch of reasons, so I have been trying to find a Christmas-ey meal that’s low on those things.

My family have to go along with it because I do most of the cooking.

We haven’t done the Christmas food shop yet, but right now I am thinking I’ll cook this vegan macaroni cheese:


There is a good chance it might not end up being vegan. I had intended not to go too crazy on the dairy this Christmas season but so far I’m already failing. The staff room where I’ve been working through December is always full of chocolate. For the first couple weeks I resisted, but grad life has been getting me down over the last few days and with my positive attitude went my resolve.

Everyone deserves a break at Christmas, right?

Over the last week my intention has gone from ‘be good’ to ‘don’t be as bad as usual’ (I tend to live on chocolate from Christmas through to January 1st).

Share a Christmas story or write one of your own…

My favourite Christmas story is from my favourite Christmas special. The final episode of the UK The Office, when Dawn came back for Tim.


Everyone in England leapt from their sofas and did a little victory dance.


12 Days of Christmas: Days 1&2


I am here to continue my tradition of doing absolutely nothing properly.

This challenge was created by Scale Simple and I was tagged by the lovely Breathing the Pages.

List your favourite things about Christmas… 

The village carol service

I live in a tiny village in England, with a tiny church and a very sweet man who loves to play the organ, but bless him just isn’t all that good at it. The carollers and the organ are always out of sync. Sometimes he stops playing altogether and the vicar will clear his throat and quietly remind him that there’s another verse to go. There are times when the vicar challenges us by telling us we are only singing verses one, three and seven of a particular hymn. As a congregation largely made up of those whose only church visit in a year is this one (including myself), we just aren’t familiar enough to complete such a challenge successfully. Most of us sing different, high pitched verses. Add to that the fact that I am a chronic church giggler and you’ve got yourself a pretty fun evening.

Going full Pinterest

I am increasingly shameless about this aspect of myself. I watched a youtube video about designing your own wrapping paper the other night. I’m probably going to do it.

All the cheesiest decorations

There was a road near my dad’s house he used to drive us down when my brother and I were kids that had all these amazing decorations. Every house was lit up with flashing lights, waving Santa’s and the occasional reindeer. The showiest, tackiest lights are what I love the most. My tiny bedroom has fairy lights everywhere I could possibly drape them. Every surface not covered with lights has a paper snowflake stuck to it. I have stars hanging from my ceiling.

Your favourite Christmas tradition new or old…

Our tradition is to have no tradition. My family has changed shape a lot over the years. For the past few it’s been me, my mum and my brother. Being with them at this time of the year makes me appreciate of the many ways that things now are a lot better than the things that have been.

Also we are planning to go see Star Wars on Christmas Eve, which I’m pretty excited about.