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Lately I have been trying to get more into Twitter. While generally speaking, I still have very little to say for myself, I am gradually finding some young adult fiction-related goodness on there that’s too good not to spread around. 

Because if there’s one thing we always need more of, it’s possibilities for procrastination!

(I really, really don’t need more of that at all). 

Here are a few of my favourites: 

I wish I had thought of doing this.

I’m sure most of you will know this girl already. She is a wonderful book blogger and vlogger and her Twitter is the home of the much loved #ukyachat. A few weeks ago it was about feminism. Obviously I love it. 

She wrote Only Ever Yours and Asking For It and her Twitter account is a constant stream of feminism and cultural criticism. Right now it’s a really great place for all things Beyonce. 

What are some of your favourite bookish Twitter accounts? Recommendations please.

Where I hang out on the internet #2

Basically this post is a shortlist of the links my friends and I send each other on Facebook.

Here are some fun things I’ve found online over the past couple weeks. Basically this post is a shortlist of the links my friends and I send each other on Facebook.

To read:


An amazing article about feminism. I have too many favourite quotes from this, but here’s one of many:

‘I’m not entirely sure about women wearing a “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt. Or men, for that matter. It’s overstating the case a bit, isn’t it? It’s like wearing a T-shirt with “I am not a racist” on it. It makes me suspicious. I assume that most people’s default setting is feminist, until they do or say something that makes me think otherwise. If I went bowling with a friend, for example, and they took their coat off to reveal an “I am not a racist” T-shirt underneath, I don’t think I’d feel relieved at all. On the contrary, it would make me very on edge. I’d spend the whole night worried I was bowling with an ironic racist.’

This extract comes from Bridget Christie’s book, A Book For Her. It is absolutely going on my TBR.

To watch:

Yesterday, I posted about the amazing Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast. What I didn’t say is that it’s also a Youtube channel. In this video Cristen Conger adresses the ridiculous equating of transgender and transracial going around the internet in the aftermath of the Rachel Dolezal scandal.

To listen:

A really amazing lecture by Neil Gaiman on how stories last… or don’t. One of my favourite parts was about Sleeping Beauty. Apparently in the original tale, the whole cursed to sleep for one hundred years thing was only the beginning of the story. The main action was Sleeping Beauty’s evil mother in law, who attempts to frame her for murdering and subsequently eating her own children. I want a Disney version of that.

Neil Gaiman on How Stories Last

Where I hang out on the internet #1

Procrastination is vital to creativity, right? Here’s where I procrastinated best in the last week:

Procrastination is vital to creativity, right? Here’s where I procrastinated best in the last week:

To Read:

I just finished university, and I change my mind every week as to whether I should pursue writing or some job that has actual money in it. Should I go for the career or the dream? George Monbiot reckons dream.

‘Elsewhere, at this vulnerable, mutable, pivotal moment, undergraduates must rely on their own wavering resolve to resist peer pressure, the herd instinct, the allure of money, flattery, prestige and security. Students, rebel against these soul-suckers! Follow your dreams, however hard it may be, however uncertain success might seem.’


To watch:

Roxane Gay is just so freaking on it.

‘…you’re all looking for the best ways to use your voice. You’re looking for the strength and the courage it requires to use that voice. You may not feel it yet, but you are going to find your way. As you do, there is one truth that you should not let go of. No one can narrate or examine this world that we live in the way that you can. That is the power of your voice. If you bring the full force of yourself to what you have to say, your voice is going to be powerful beyond measure, and how. And I look forward to hearing it.’

To listen:

dear hank and john

John and Hank Green started a podcast. It pretty much goes without saying that it’s going to be awesome. They are giving advice in the funny, considered and empathetic way they’ve been talking to us since vlogbrothers began.


It’s also available on itunes. The first episode is called Do You Pee On Your Own Head?

I think that says it all.