Top 4 Villains of The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries ended last week. Though it was time (to be totally honest, it was probably time a couple of seasons back), I will miss the show. Julie Plec’s weekly dose of the ridiculous brought some much needed light heartedness into my life.

I’m going to have to find a new stupid TV show to be obsessed with.

In celebration and mourning of the end, I figured I’d make a list. Because that is what I do in times of strife. Here are my favourite villains of The Vampire Diaries (I tried for 5, but these 4 were really the ones who made the show for me):

4.Katherine Pierce

Katherine TVD

Katherine was the original TVD villain, the bad bitch who would not stay gone, the doppelganger I think we all secretly liked way better. There was something uniquely satisfying about watching her hurl a Salvatore brother across a room. All in heels, of course.

All that said, her comeuppance (both of them!) was probably the most satisfying of any villain in the series. Watching Elena shove the cure into Katherine’s face was a perfect moment of irony and catharsis.

RIP, Katherine Pierce. Those Heretics were an insult to your memory.

Best Worst Moment: That time she chopped John Gilbert’s fingers off. Ouch.


Silas TVD

The best sort of TVD villain is one that takes a long time coming. Silas’ name was uttered countless times before he actually showed up. And when he did, like all best TVD villains, he was a psychopathic comedian.

‘I’m like a supernatural Madonna. I keep reinventing myself.’

Oh Silas, how I loved you.

I don’t want to go on, but how did we go from that to the Heretics? How? HOW?


Best Worst Moment: When he killed the couple at the bus stop after Amara stabbed him in the neck. You know, just cause he was having a bad day.


klaus tvd

I miss TVD Klaus. Remember back when he was funny? Back before he cried all the time?

Remember ‘because I fancy you?

Those were the days.

There was nothing I enjoyed more than watching Klaus drive Tyler Lockwood slowly insane. If there is one thing I like more than a funny  villain, it’s a charming villain and Klaus managed to be both the guy you’d stake through the heart and invite out for dinner.

Best Worst Moment: Drowning Tyler Lockwood’s mom. Oof.


kai tvd

Yep, it’s Kai. In a lacklustre season 6 (did ANYONE still care about Delena at this point?!), Kai was the gift that would not stop giving. Let’s be honest, we all love a funny sociopath, and Kai’s performance delivered over and over again.

I clapped my hands with GLEE when he reappeared to make the season 8 finale everything we had hoped it would be.

Kai is 100% inappropriate, unapologetic and ridiculous. I would totally be asking for a spinoff if I didn’t know that Julie Plec would turn him into a whiny little bitch (a la Damon and Klaus) given half a chance.

Best Worst Moment: Literally ALL of them.

RIP, TVD. I’ll miss you.

Cringing at The Vampire Diaries

This post is coming to you several weeks after the fact. It may or not may be because tonight I was supposed to post my review for Jessa Crispin’s wonderful book, The Dead Ladies Project.

Unfortunately that review does not yet exist.

So instead, I’m going to write about The Vampire Diaries. This post contains spoilers. You were warned.

The Vampire Diaries is a ridiculous show. I know this. When I watch it, I do my very best to turn my problematizing brain off.

Mostly, I succeed.

Until it comes to Damon, that is.

Oh, Damon. You crazy controlling ass. I suppose as far as most viewers are concerned, your abs and beautiful face serve to excuse all of your crimes.

For me… not so much.

Shit Damon has done:

  • Killed Elena, the supposed love of his life’s brother, Jeremy because Elena was mean to him. Granted, Jeremy came back to life, but still. Damon didn’t know that was going to happen.
  • Turned a teenage girl into a vampire, had sex with her, and then ripped her head off when he was done (why do hundred-year-old vampires exclusively date seventeen-year-old girls? It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries)
  • Killed his brother’s best friend (and one of my all-time favourite TVD characters, Lexi), because he felt guilty over a previous occasion in which he had sex with her then tried to kill her.

Damon and Elena’s whole dynamic was based on the notion that she made him a better, less murder-ey vampire. As I mentioned earlier this week, the whole he’s-not-a-murderer-because-he-loves-me premise is one I take issue with. That gives the girl in question a whole lot of responsibility for shit that isn’t really her problem.

So on this specific occasion, the problem started with the other Salvatore brother, Stefan. Stefan decided to kidnap his ex-girlfriend, Caroline because she was in danger, but had decided not to leave the dangerous situation. Problematic. Ladies should be allowed to make their own choices.

When he told Damon what he’d done, Damon responded:

‘In my book that’s a notch above flowers and chocolates because when you love someone, sometimes you have to go to those extremes.

I hate the idea that removing a woman’s agency because He Knows What’s Best is somehow romantic. I keep hoping that one day Damon will turn around and realise how awful he is.


But he never really does.

I should really stop watching this show.


Last week, I wrote about OTPs that I hate. I was in that sort of mood.

This week, I am going to write about the romantic pairings that have played a big part in making me the TV obsessive that I am.


Leslie and Ben – Parks and Recreation


When I started watching Parks and Rec (during the unfortunate Mark Brendanawicz phase), I was pretty sure it was impossible that they would ever produce a boyfriend for Leslie who could match her awesomeness in any way.

Then Ben showed up.

Leslie and Ben are such wonderful partners for each other. They respect each other’s talents and missions and even when they argue they still manage to be adorable.

TV is so full of fraught relationships, it’s rare and surprising to watch a couple who are simply best friends.

I love every moment of it.

Matt and Karen – Daredevil


Throughout season 1, no matter how much I liked them individually, I really struggled to get into this ship. Karen’s crush was entirely built on some notion of hero worship, and that’s a dynamic I’m just not into. Then she murdered someone and went all undercover journalist, and everything shifted.

Matt and Karen are basically the same person. They would realise this if they didn’t spend all of their time lying to each other. They both have seen the horrifying underbelly of the world, and no matter what they do to distract themselves (make out, usually), they can’t look away.

The sooner they start working together (and making out again, now the whole Elektra fiasco is (at least temporarily, by the looks of things) over and done with) the better.

Caroline and Klaus – The Vampire Diaries


They are my guilty pleasure ship.

But whatever. Klaroline were a beautiful moment in TVD history.

So, to get one thing straight, the whole good girl/bad boy thing is one that often makes me uncomfortable. It can become co-dependent and weird, and if you want an example, I need only point to Damon and Elena (love me or I’ll start murdering random strangers isn’t half as attractive as you might think, Damon).

What I loved about Klaus and Caroline is that they are both total alphas. At no point in time did Caroline’s life become consumed by Klaus. Rather than obsessing about him ( like Cami does, freaking constantly) she actually kept him at arms length most of the time.

They challenged each other’s world views through their differing stances on what it takes to feel powerful.

Plus Klaus saw Tyler off, a move that came as a huge relief to everyone.

Ultimately, I don’t know that I actually think that these two should be together. Caroline is a highly functioning lady with plans for her life, and I would hate for those to be derailed by Klaus’ never ending daddy issues. But hey, vampires lives a long time.

So I guess you never know.



5 Ways to Spend Your Cold Autumnal Evenings (On Netflix)

The Vampire Diaries


One day Stefan and Damon Salvatore, vampire brothers show up in Mystic Falls. Over the following 6 years, pretty much everybody who lives there dies. Most of them are vampires now. Nobody in Mystic Falls especially minds, because Stefan, Damon and all their vampire buddies are super hot. And the people who do mind? Well, they rarely survive longer than a season, so we don’t worry about them too much.

Watching this show has made me worryingly nonchalant about seeing people’s heads fall off.


giphy (2)

Sometimes evil corporations start messing with parallel universes, and somebody has to do something about it. In this case that someone is Olivia Dunham, secret agent. Working with her, is recently un-institutionalised genius Walter Bishop, and his son, the blackmailed-by-Olivia-to-help conman/genius Peter Bishop.

I have not yet finished watching this. I binge watched the first 3 seasons last summer. I got way too emotionally involved with it though, and had to stop watching when the story took a turn I didn’t like. I also got frustrated with the continuous failure of the writers to explain what Peter’s deal is. That said, watching it is still one of my top obsessive moments of the past couple years, so that’s why it made the list.



A merry band of criminals travel through space together conning, stealing and when appropriate, saving the odd community from the villain they we were working for in the first place. All of this takes place with many a witty aside, and occasional games with plastic dinosaurs.

I find Firely to be deeply comforting. It makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. I think it can do the same for you too. There’s a reason everyone is still so obsessed with it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


This show does a really good job of describing itself. Buffy is a vampire slayer, living in Sunnydale, a small American town that just happens to be on a hell mouth.

Buffy is a show about growing up. Season 4 was a great example of this, though I know a lot of people don’t like it so much (I want to make clear, despite my pro-season 4 stance, that I hate Riley as much as any sane person should). It was the season when Buffy and Willow went to university, and Xander went to work. Spike lost his ability to be a vampire, in the traditional sense (eating people). Everything that happened in that season was a really perfect example of what happens when you got to university – everything changes. Your relationship with your friends is different because you don’t see them at school every day, your parents and guardians aren’t responsible for you anymore (a newness that is weird to you and them), and in some cases, you find that the driving factor in your life isn’t the same any more. That, plus fighting the supernatural equals awesomeness.


giphy (3)

A man makes a study group to sleep with a girl and ends up with a group of friends he never wanted! Hilarity ensues. Except for season 4, which sucked, but we don’t talk about the gas leak year.

In this show, flawed humans meet ridiculous humans and talk about pop culture. Also a young girl has a thing with a guy inappropriately older than her. Essentially it’s everything I ever wanted in a show.