Bookstagram love

You can often find me perusing bookstagram of an evening.

It’s just so pretty.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

The Bibliotheque

Swept Away by Books

Happy #SockSunday! I have found the worlds most comfortable socks and I'm never taking them off again. Kudos to @sockittomeinc for creating these life changing over the knee socks 🙌🏻😍. . Today I'm featuring one of the books I received from @bookofthemonthclub, and it's one that I've been really really wanting to read. ELIGIBLE is a modern retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Now, I haven't read P&P 🙈🙊 but I'm in love with all of the movies and know the story so I'm super excited to get to this one! And one day when I find the perfect edition o P&P, I will read it!. . I have four other Book of The Month titles to show you guys that I'm super excited about if I were to ever join a book subscription box, it would be this one. So well curated! . . We have a long weekend here in Canada so I'm enjoying the fact that this isn't my real Sunday today 💃🏻. I'll be reading all day and going for dinner with family later. Enjoy your day! . .

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Paper Fury

Why do I have a book collecting addiction??? I mean. Just BEHOLD COVERS LIKE THESE ONES and ask me how I could say no to them???? Because who could omg. • • This is the #AusYaChallenge! (Hosted by @divabooknerd & @supergirl_sass) ///// Day 24: featuring a character of colour • 1) #TheWrathAndTheDawn features Persian characters 2) #5to1 features Indian characters 3) #UnderAPaintedSky features a Chinese character. • • QOTD: Do you fall prey to cover love buys??? BE HONEST NOW. • • #bookstagram #bookworm #bookphotography #bibliophile #booklover #bookaddict #instareads #book #bookblogger #instabook #reader #bookish #bookgram #beautifulbooks #reading #bookchallenge #photographychallenge #retelling #booksofinstagram #coverbuybooks #diverseYA

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Bookstagram Features

I know. PRETTY.


Who are your favourite bookstagram-ers?


Author: Lydia Tewkesbury

25. Loves a good story.

6 thoughts on “Bookstagram love”

  1. Yes, bookstagram is soooo pretty. Paperfury’s photo is so vivid and colorful and textual I feel compelled to call it “rad.” Do people even use that word anymore? Anyway, it applies. 🙂


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